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Having an expertise of 25+ years, we at The Astro Stars provide a complete one-stop solution to all our clients’ problems. As consultants, we try to reduce the intensity of negative aspects in their horoscope and channel positive energy in their charts. Additionally, we follow the modern Vastu of 16 directions and back up everything we say through number, data, bar charts and excel sheets based on scientific & mathematical calculations to assure our clients that there are no superstitions attached to it. 

Our main intention to create this website is to deliver quality astrology used for directions rather than a prediction, and rectify the drawbacks in our charts. We believe that one-time consultation will never help; instead, a substantial ongoing process can provide fruitful results. Our unique products won’t be available anywhere else in the world as our experts have invested a lot of time in developing these products themselves through the amalgamation of their knowledge and expertise that they gathered through all these years. Numerous charts prove these products are pretty helpful and have practical usage.

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Direction Theory

Direction theory emphasizes on predicting all the possible issues that have been there and may arise in the future. It also includes the simplest remedies that the client can subconsciously perform in day-to-day life to get the best results. Furthermore, it focuses on what direction is suitable for a particular aspect of life and what KP Numbers says about the Native. This theory doesn’t require you to spend your hard-earned on expensive Gemstones.


Karamkaand is based on the principle of Karma. Through this product, we aim to do a detailed analysis of your birth chart and pen down all the Karmas that you have to fulfill in this lifetime to achieve salvation. Karamkaand is based upon how a person should lead their life to get the most out of it. This theory levels up your happiness Index and solves long due problems. 

Aura Scanning

Aura Scanning is a powerful device used to detect the Aura of any living or Non-living thing. This device is used to check for doshas, Yogas, gemstones, or anyone who doesn’t have their birth Details. Aura Scanning helps us detect the Vastu doshas in our house and Discover if a particular person’s energy matches ours.  In simpler terms, it’s the truth-finding machine. Your Aura can tell you a lot about yourself and the people around you. It works because of the tectonic movement of Plates beneath the Earth.

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If any of our astrologers are not at least 80 % Accurate about yourself, you can stop the consultation and ask for a refund; we will make an instant refund.

Based on years of experience

Based on their USP

Based on their Testimonials

Based on their Educational Qualifications.

And, Best of all, you can call our team and tell them your area of concern and they will advise you whom to consult.

We are not very strict with our timelines; you can take up a few extra minutes to complete the consultation

Our expert astrologers are well trained to answer any query that you have be it love,  relationship, career, health, Marriage, Business etc.

Through Text/Call/Video, whatever is preferred by you.

We don’t offer any discounts but we promise to do justice to the amount you have  paid. And we have a Repeat customer offer that you can always avail.

 Yes certainly, Our experts can give the Consultation  through palmistry, psychic reading,  Prashna Kundali etc. which is quite accurate

That would be unfair to us as,  if you don’t like our service in the first 5 minutes you can claim the refund but after investing a substantial time we can’t refund, but customer delight  is very important to us so we can give you a small session with a different consultant.

Can a doctor guarantee before Surgery?

Can a Teacher guarantee good grades for your children?

I think we made our point, but all the professionals can guide you with best of their  knowledge and we can guarantee you that our experts will give you directions that would be far more useful to you than predictions.

Yes, they are developed by our experts and we can proudly claim that they are one of  a kind in the entire universe. They are scientifically and mathematically backed the most practical remedies available online.

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