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Deity of all the planets

Sun: Looking at the picture of Vishnu where he is carrying the disc ( chakra) which is made by lord Vishwakarma by the powerful sun rays itself clearly states Vishnu is the deity of Sun.

Moon: Lord Shiva adorns chandrama on his forehead except that everywhere is waxing or waning hence also as per a mythological story of Somnath temple it is said that shiva freed moon from its curse hence moon made him his deity and constructed the Somnath temple.

Mars: The lord that should power and velour is lord hanuman, The god who can lift heavy mountain, fly and is so muscular hence that completely resonates with mars and can be said to be its deity

Mercury: Ganesh is said to be the most intelligent god who always have quirky ways to deal with complex situation, when everyone uses to panic lord Ganesh used his wit to deal with the situation. In a popular myth when shiv asked both his son to complete one round of the world and whoever does it faster wins, so Karthikey went for the round and Ganesh took a round of shiv and Parvati saying they are my world, such intelligence only makes him deity of Mercury.

Jupiter: The deity of Jupiter is none other than the creator himself Brahma, Although Brahma is not worshiped neither there are temples of lord brahma so Respecting your elders and people in position of Guru, Or Gods who were once humans like Sai baba, Guru nanak can be worshiped.

Venus: Venus is ruled by the deity Laxmi, ever noticed goddess Laxmi’s photo. She has lot of jewelry and gold coins with her all the time. Venus is also all about beauty and luxury hence we can worship goddess Laxmi for a good Venus.

Saturn: The strongest planet in the universe is Saturn, which is ruled by one of the strongest gods, Shiva. Hanuman can also be said to be the co-deity as a mythology story goes when Ravan trapped all the planets and instructed them to be placed well in his son’s chart Saturn revolted hence raavan break his leg and throw him in dungeon so when hanuman went to burn lanka he rescued Saturn and hence Saturn surrendered to lord hanuman as his deity.

Rahu: Ever noticed the picture of Goddess Kali, holding the daemon head? That daemon is  Rahu, so whenever rahu is creating trouble in your life you can worship goddess kali She will make a few yanks to his hair and calm him and brings the positive vibes. 

Ketu: Ganesh is the Deity of Ketu as per the myth tail there was a time when Ganesh ji was beheaded by his own father shiva, so till the time a new head was found for him Ganesh ji was without the head and just the body. Hence that was the time when ketu’s form of Ganesh became the deity of Planet ketu.

God bless me and all of you

Samartha Bhargava

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