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Marriage Scorecard!

The JanamKundali is an interesting science and has its own logic. Here are the Variables to kundali matching:

Varna : Ego & Personality

Vasya: Control in marriage/Power Equation

Tara: Birth star Compatibility

Yoni: Sexual Compatibility

Grah Maitri: Birth Planet Compatibility

Gana: Lineage Compatibility

Bhakoot: Love Score

Nadi: Health & Genes

The Mathematical Approach: There is a certain way of calculation which needs to be followed keeping in mind the different variables which give points out of a total of 36 gunas to the partners:

Below 18: Bad

18-24: Average

24-33: Excellent

33-36: Average/Bad depends.

The scientific Approach: Ayurveda talks about microcosmic constituents of a human body. It functions on the basis of 3 fundamental prakriti or bio-elements which can be classified as Vata, Pitta and Kapha which further become variables of Kundali Matching.

The Practical Approach: Kundli matching becomes essential in these times to evaluate the shortcomings of the future and the measures to be taken to not face the ill effects of planets and if something can be avoided by doing remedies then what’s the harm.

The Disbelievers approach: kundali makes you bias even before doing the karma . Marriages are made in heaven and if they go south maybe god intended it to be that way and no remedy can modify the predetermined.

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