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Origin of Energy

Created what Universe Or Multiverse? ✨

During Samundra Manthan the churning of ocean could happen due to the collaboration of two opposite yet complimentary energies of Devas and Asuras which formed The Universe (Everything we have). God- The indivisible whole, but within that unity of the whole lies the essence of Duality: Shiv-Shakti, Vishnu-Laxmi. In simpler words creator and It’s Creation are Concrete examples of having dual forces present everywhere in our UNI-verse.

Dualities Within Us- The left-Right theory:

The female’s place is on the left of the male. She is Ardhangini- The other half of his heart. Left hand is said to be for profane gestures like Ablution, Left hand shaking and the right hand for sacred gestures like Eating, offering, receiving.

In Palmistry, Right hand shows the Reading of ones own life while the left hand reveals the personality and the destiny of the spouse. Universally, Right is linked with clockwise motion which keeps things in order, while the Anti-clockwise motion is against the order, and believed to cause disorder. The swastika symbol which signifies auspicious or benign universal order is always drawn clockwise. In cooking, spices are ground with clockwise motion, Stirring is done using clockwise motion to bring out the quality of the food; To ensure efficacy of Ayurvedic medicine, the herbs are grounded in a clockwise motion Sleeping on the left shoulder is clockwise.

The cosmic process begins from Zero Point; acquires motion in one direction to evolve fully, and reverses to dissolve and come to rest again. Which brings me back to point out that only in Duality there is Unity. This is my point of view(Left), you might have an opposite point of view(Right). God has created the ultimate balance between the two which if we practice through meditation can give us Dynamic stability. The Pursuit of Astro-science is trying to understand, Study & Analyse only the Universe which we can see.. Is there another, unknown half of it, invisible and un-obversable?

Shiv Created the Universe as one part of himself, Where is the other half created by Adishakti, Are we missing out on a parallel Universe?

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