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The Rahu-Ketu Loop

The Rahu-Ketu Loop refers to the lunar phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes through the node of Rahu or Ketu during its movement around the earth, which according to Vedic astrology, can have an effect on a person’s health, luck and prosperity. Thus, The Rahu-Ketu Loop is the term used to describe the cycle where these two particular planets, which are often thought of as malefic, tend to be at their most powerful.

So, The Rahu-Ketu Loop (also called the Rahu-Ketu Grand Square) is a major astrological pattern that affects the lives of all who come in contact with it. If you’re born within the influence of this massive planetary pattern, or enter its influence through the signs and houses it occupies in your birth chart, then you’ll experience its effects as well

What is Rahu

According to Hindu astrology, Rahu is a celestial object or planet that is like a head of a serpent in movement (or eclipse). Its symbol is shown as ☌. Its name literally means dragon’s head. The conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter takes place at one of nine specific points in our solar system (namely, L4 and L5 for both) known as Lagrangian points.

In traditional Indian astrology, Rahu is one of two points in a lunar orbit that were thought to cause eclipses. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Kurma — a tortoise — during one of these celestial events, after which he gave humans amrit (nectar) from his mouth. In astrology, however, Rahu is considered negative and inauspicious. There are several bad things associated with it and we recommend you avoid its influence.

In simpler terms, Rahu is the daemon’s head. We have the majority of sense on our faceWe can enjoy all the material things because of those senses.

But rahu being the head can enjoy all the material things, but it doesn’t have their body to enjoy it fully hence it is ever discontented.

Whatever Rahu see is illusion, what we see from our eyes is an illusion like (Sky being blue, Stars being real time (they are billion years old), We can’t see our image in mirror real time) what we taste is an illusion (Same dish, same tongue but different people have different opinion) so Rahu is a complete illusion, Materialistic and a ever discontented planet.

What is Ketu

Whereas, Ketu doesn’t have head, it is just the body so it can’t see it can just see things from his heart’s eye. So ketu is more associated with the spiritual side of things or what it feels. Ketu doesn’t have any material desire as it can see, hear, or taste thing to strive for them. Ketu is associated with roots, going deeper, philosophical.

Only saints have no desires because they have resolved their problems and therefore take samadhi, and can thus be said to have ketu-rule

Rahu-Ketu Loop

This is an astrological phenomenon that involves 2 astrological points, Ketu and Rahu. These two points are not planets like Mars or Jupiter but part of a mathematical construct called Nodes (Rahu and Ketu). There is a loop that takes 18 years for these nodes to travel around. This loop or vortex creates either disruptive circumstances in our lives or can make things run very smoothly if we know how to use it positively.

So now that we know both these planets, we can understand what their loop is, So Rahu is what makes us hungry for something and makes us strive for it, and ketu is our comfort zone it shows us there is no point in running come back and relax.

So, wherever is rahu in our chart we strive for that and when we achieve rahu, ketu pulls us back to the comfort zone, So this dance is ongoing forever since we take birth and between what two things we will be dancing that will be determined through the rahu ketu placement in the birth chart.

God bless me and all of you Samartha Bhargava

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