What to consider while matching the birth charts for marriage?
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What to consider while matching the birth charts for marriage?

Choosing the right life partner can seem like an enormous undertaking, especially when you’re also navigating what feels like an endless sea of astrological signs and symbols. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different angles and approaches that are available for chart matching, but it’s important to remember that everyone has the same goal in mind—a happy, healthy relationship that lasts forever. With this simple guide to matching birth charts for marriage, you’ll be well on your way to finding your perfect match in no time!

  • Gun Milan should be given the weightage but not more than 20%, So the idea is that a minimum of 18 points should match for the alliance to be good. In my experience I have observed two things: if there is Nadi dosha in gun Milan or points are less than 18 then there are issues in family planning and compatibility issues within the partner. Although It’s not like that people who match decent points don’t have family issues but below 18 are usually not very compatible.
  • Compatibility- We should check the seed of both the chart, as in we must do a SWOT analysis of both guy and the girl to ensure that they are by nature compatible to each other (For ex: if one is short tempered the other must be calm to create a balance)
  • Ashtakvarga chart– It plays a major role in kundali milan, we have the numeric strength of the marriage house in both the charts. The Ashtakvargas (meaning eight in Sanskrit) represent eight planetary houses, where each planet is placed in a house that it rules. The Ashtakvargas are used when matching charts between two potential partners. These planetary positions will describe strengths and challenges that both partners may face together in their union.
  • Rahu or Ketu in 7th house can affect married life-  Since both of these planets are malefic, if either is placed in seventh house of a horoscope then it can create problems with spouse. If Rahu and Ketu are placed in seventh house, they can result in husband or wife’s untimely death, extra marital affairs and sudden loss of wealth or property. However, if Rahu or Ketu fall in 7th house but get aspected by Jupiter and Mercury then these planets can give good results during marriage.
  • Varna or Jati– Matches based on varna or jati (caste) are important because of their belief that these individuals are spiritually equal. Although, in recent times there has been a growing desire among Indian couples to break caste taboos and reject long-held traditions such as marrying within one’s own varna or jati. When it comes to marriage, people are often driven by mutual attraction and love. However, we all have our own parents who have certain expectations when it comes to our choice of partners.
  • Placement of Jupiter/Venus- The placement of stars like Jupiter, Venus and Mars are of prime importance as Jupiter is anything auspicious/ Venus is the physical attraction and mars is the temperament all these must be properly placed in both the charts before giving a go ahead.
  • Navsama or D9 chart in both the guy and the girl should be properly evaluated for any malefic conjunctions as this chart decides the fate of the marriage. In fact, it can be said that using a navasama chart offers more clarity than using a horoscope based on birth time alone. The concept of Navasama charts or D9 charts comes from Vedic astrology and provides an important and powerful method of analyzing a person’s personality as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses.
    • The 11th house matters too-  The 11th house also represents relationship matters, so you need to match your birth charts if your partner is in an up (or fortunate) position. If your partner’s 11th house lord and all planets in that house are not well placed in his/her chart, it can cause problems such as lack of trust, understanding and patience.
    • In my opinion, In India the girl is married to the entire family so at least the chart should be matched with all the people living under the same roof to ensure compatibility.
    • Remedies– At last, to treat the malefic that we notice the astrologer should give proper Vedic and Vastu remedies for a happy alliance.

    Note: In case of love marriage charts are not required to be matched as per shastras.

    God bless me and all of you Samartha Bhargava

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